Terms & Conditions

Welcome to Jocial Advertise Ltd!

Refund Policy

Jocial is a web based business model and because of this the moment any influencer activates his/her subscription, several bonuses are generated and paid immediately to other influencers. So, Subscription packages on our platform can't be cancelled and non-refundable.

Campaign & Bonus
  • Jocial Advertise ltd is a leading Influencer and Affiliate marketing company. The campaign is our prime business and it is compulsory to complete the campaign within a specific time. If any subscriber is found negligence in completing the campaign then his/her other bonus will be stopped.
  • All influencers must do their ad campaigns at the earliest every week. In case of server/system maintenance ( which is communicated to you in advance) carried out on expiry date of your ad campaign and if you fail to do your campaign by that time then the company won't be responsible for expiry of your ad campaign.
  • Having fake or multiple accounts pertaining to one Jocial influencer is strictly prohibited on our platform. Company will suspend or block those accounts if it is detected or found.
  • All influencers must renew their subscription packages before the expiry in order to have the benefit of their extra Jocial Money carry forwarded for next day.
  • Renewal of subscriptions must be done within 30 days post expiry of subscription packages to retain all the bonuses intact. All benefits will be lost if failing to do so within the stipulated 30 days time period.
  • All influencers can activate their subscriptions within the time frame of 90 days since their registration date. Free registered accounts can't be activated post 90 days.

All network bonuses will be credited as per below details:

  • New Activation
    1. 50% of Matching and Super Matching Bonuses will be credited into USD wallet and remaining 50% will be credited into Jocial Money.
    2. 100% of Global Power Bonus will be paid into Jocial Money wallet.
    3. All new influencers’ subscription activation can be executed either through 100% JUSD Wallet fund or using 50% JUSD Wallet and 50% Jocial Money fund.
    4. Total matching bonus maximum daily limit is $240 for new activations as well as upgraded subscriptions.
    5. Upgradation of subscription can be done by 100% jusd fund or by 50% jusd and 50% jocial money funds.
  • Campaign Bonus
    All campaign bonuses will be paid half each into CUSD wallet and RS wallet respectively.
Global Power Bonus (GPB)
  • This is mandatory for all newly joined influencers to complete four weeks ad campaigns to become eligible for Global Power Bonus (GPB) of that particular month.
  • All your directly recruited influencers must do minimum four weeks campaigns to be counted as valid and active direct referrals corresponding to the various club rank for you to get GPB of that particular month.
  • All club rank holders must ensure that all their direct referrals do the weekly campaigns every week as per the said guidelines given by the brands. Failing to do so from your direct referrals’ part, will make them invalid direct referrals for you in that particular month. Accordingly, You will be paid GPB based on your active and valid direct referrals every month.
  • Global power bonus is a promotional reward bonus exclusively given to all qualified rank holders. Company reserves the rights to amend and modify GPB at any point of time. All eligible and qualified influencers will get GPB till the completion of it's life time limit.