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Influence of Wealth for both Brand and Influencer

Jocial is only of its kind Influencer marketing platform that uses the power of connection and interaction of brands and Influencers to enhance the best experience in the Influence marketing Industry.We provide the most unparallel digital opportunity to our Influencer in this ever expanding Influencer marketing industry. Jocial integrate the unique power of affiliate marketing with Influencer marketing to help Influencers capitalize and reach their financial goals.

Influence marketing relies on the name of Web personalities. But it totally far from distant celebrities. It is used to advertise a promotional or informative message. The advantage of these influencers is that they have managed to create a committed community with which they are connected on a daily basis. They are part of the daily life of their subscribers, who trust their opinions.

The influence marketing approaches many of facts. It consists first of all in identifying the individuals. Mainly who create talks having an effect on its brand, its products, and its services. And then in developing a relationship with these people to establish agreements & collaboration.

Marketing initiatives that include recruiting influencers can serve different purposes. Like launching a product, increasing its visibility, growing its online community, developing products or markets, etc.

Influencers (Bloggers, Instagrammers, YouTubers, etc.) have been great sources of motivation and information for consumers for years. They play a role in the perception of the brand or in the way people need it. As well as in the decision making of connected buyers. In this context, influencer marketing strategies offer many advantages, including the following:

  • Because they are loved by consumers. Influencers have an audience. That is already receptive to their ideas and the support they make.
  • Their subscribers trust them. The links they establish with the influencer are not very comparable. Especially to the relationships developed between customers and brands.
  • They can help businesses create positive, rewarding content that aligns with consumer needs. Indeed, influencers also have experience as users.
  • By collaborating with them, it is possible to get tips and ideas. It can help refine communications according to the target audience.

A study by Jocial provided some interesting influencer marketing insights

Influencer marketing generates reach and attention:

The followers notice when an influencer mentions a brand, whereby they clearly assign the specific message of the influencer to the advertising brand. With an increase of 34.8 percent, influencer campaigns create a high level of awareness for a brand.

Influencer marketing apparently helps to increase brand awareness:

As a result, brand awareness is increased by an average of 17.3 percent. With before rather unknown brands, awareness can even be more than doubled.

Influencer marketing emotionalizes and offers interactions:

The influencer cooperations build a strong closeness between the brand and followers. Visible in significantly increased values for sympathy, trust, and credibility of the brand.

Influencer marketing can provide impulses for sales:

The enthusiasm to buy a brand is increased on average by influencer services by 29 percent. The willingness to recommend is even increased by 37 percent.

Opportunities for Influencer marketing from the business perspective

What does Influencer marketing mean for companies in the development environment? From the perspective of the system study associates, Influencer marketing for their own company is above all:

  • Growth of sales driver
  • By developing new business models in existing and new business areas
  • By creating new offers and service portfolios
  • Through better use of data
  • Possibility to improve customer interaction
  • Through new (digital) channels and touchpoints
  • By networking channels
  • Through faster customer communication
  • Means to increase efficiency
  • By automating processes
  • By simplifying (customer) processes
  • By rationalizing processes
  • Digital fitness and corporate success
Jocial Opportunities for Influencer

If you look at how planning companies deal with the tests of the digital age, there are clear differences in digital fitness. Only a quarter of the turn players are well prepared for the digital challenges. And see Influencer marketing as an opportunity. We have defined these companies as “digital leaders”. And thus as digital pioneers in the construction industry. Particularly with regard to the forecast (medium-term) sales growth, the group of digital leaders stands out strongly from the "digital laggers".

Digital leaders expect 50 percent higher growth than the digital laggers. The biggest driver for corporate growth is the development of new digital business models. The digital leaders' business models, which have been newly developed in the course of Influencer marketing in the past two years, account for 12 percent of total sales. Not only the courage to break new ground but also competence and fitness in the digital field are rewarded.

Jocial Goal

What goals do companies hope for?

Of course, pure marketing is behind the collaboration between companies and influencers. Both sides often benefit from this cooperation. But what advantages do companies derive from this marketing strategy with influencers?

  • Awareness of the company is increasing
  • Link building
  • Visibility of the company increases on Google
  • The desired target group of the company is addressed directly by suitable influencers.
  • The company generates more social signals like likes, comments
  • The company itself grows on social platforms
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