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Instagram has become one of the fashionable social networks for the entire influencer wave. The social network is gradually positioning itself as one of the most used in the world. Although the number is still exceeded by Facebook, for example. It already has more followers than Twitter and is entering very well in various niche markets - one of the most important: the adolescent. But how does influence marketing on Instagram work?

In 2012 one of the largest social networks in the world, Facebook bought the application specially designed for photographs: Instagram. For $ 1 billion in 2012, the tech world was astonished at the bold but risky move that such an investment represents for a startup with little time in the online arena. They screamed, kicked and even preached about failure and a mistake by the computer giant. But, in life, there is always a place for a “but”, if we fast forward to 2017 we see that, although Instagram continues to be the little sister of Facebook, it has grown fiercely. It already has a community of 700 million users that have managed to overshadow both Twitter, as we mentioned, but also Snapchat.

Today in 2017, after that bold move, the influencers of the world have a super-equipped platform with tools for real-time photo editing thanks to their improved filters and features such as stories, short videos that disappear 24 hours after being published. Instagram has definitely become the preferred choice for influencers, common users and even represents a great success for brands that take advantage of the alternative to attract audiences and increase the visibility of their organization. People no longer take out business cards, ask if you have Instagram, take out the phone, and voila, they are already connected.

But beyond solid data that quantitatively demonstrates the success of Instagram, everything seems to indicate that it has to do more with perception, that is, this is the social network of happiness. Users use various social networks seeking to promote a specific type of content. Twitter, for example, seems doomed to be the escape route for trolling, taunting, and insult. Political debate and many bad faces abound on this network, but Instagram represents the opposite. Photos of clothes, selfies, food ... lifestyle is what it offers. On Instagram, there is no room to be embittered and the space to write is full of hashtags. Being on Instagram brightens life and the day. That's why you want to be part of Instagram because it exudes a good atmosphere.

Many times this lifestyle is totally false. In fact, this is what an article published by The Guardian exposes, where it is explained that with Instagram we can present a better version of ourselves. We can fix the photo in a corner, put a filter that makes us look more interesting and even lies about what we do and how we do it. No one will know and everything is alike. The narcissistic culture found an ally on Instagram.

In half a day, 95 million photos are shared, reaching 40 billion in total. 4,000 million likes emerge daily. Instagram was bought for $ 1 billion. In 2016 alone, the figure tripled, with $ 3 billion in advertising revenue raised. Those revenues are expected to rise to $ 5 billion in 2018.

20% of total Internet users use Instagram. Of them, 68% are women. As for large brands, 48% use Instagram to promote their products, and by the pace of things, everything seems to indicate that by the end of this year, Instagram will reach 800 million users.

How does Instagram work?

Advertising on Instagram does not warn you that it is advertising. It is not accompanied by a headband with a voice-over that says "Welcome to the advertising space." The big brands take advantage of that and the popularity of some people to then show the products they sell.

Advertising and digital marketing have turned influencers into authentic “ad men”, users who, due to their rise behind the screen, exercise prescription in the masses that follow them. Brands reach out to them and agree on prices for displaying their products on social media. As long as they are guided by a Social Media Plan. Sometimes influencers decide to specify when their content is sponsored, but in most cases, they mention the brand in the most sneaky way possible. This is how Instagram works with influencers.

For traditional media advertising, it is necessary to follow certain regulations. But for the internet, the law seems to be more flexible. Despite this, and as influencer marketing explains, Instagram announced that it would include a new tool so that its users could state whether the content is sponsored by a brand. The company assured that soon the text "Paid collaboration with" could be seen in posts and stories, to promote more transparent commercial relationships between companies and users. An initiative that is already being carried out in the United States and will probably extend to other English speaking countries.

Thus the Instagram influencers can be the best priority base marketing tool for influencing the audience. It is the commercial and international network platform where the best and available people come with a fashion manner. No one can be eliminated the way you choose to interact with them. But the Instagram influencer can make your promotion easily with the best marketing method.

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