Frequently Asked Questions

Influencer Marketing refers to the practice of advertising to a target digital audience through a trusted person or ambassador, also known as an influencer. Typically this is done through social media, where popular accounts will post sponsored messages to their followers in exchange for product and/or financial compensation.
An influencer is “someone (or something) with the power to affect the buying habits or quantifiable actions of others.” Anyone looking for an alternative to targeted advertising can consider working with influencers whose messages reach the same audience as a targeted ad but add additional value through context and a trusted endorsement.
Influencer marketing is projected to exceed $8 billion in value in 2020 and $15 billion by 2022, as predicted by Jocial . Instagram has more than 1000 million monthly active users and with the help of newer platforms like TikTok, brands are continuously making use of advertising through content creators.
An influencer marketing agency exists as an expert third-party brand extension for working with influencers. Influencer marketing agencies are typically employed by marketing departments that outsource influencer work, new influencer marketers, or strong brands without the full marketing staff to execute thrilling campaigns. Influencer marketing agencies usually have access to strategic influencer marketing platforms that they use to execute professional influencer campaigns all of their clients. Agencies with these software’s provide their clients with critical insights to optimize their influencer marketing along with industry best practices.
The best way to become an influencer is to post regularly about a specific topic and gain a dedicated following. Marketers looking to work with professional influencers may expect influencers to have a strong understanding of business KPIs and efficient communications skills. Ultimately, the most influential people don’t get the most influencer marketing deals. The influencers who generate the most from influencer marketing do it because they know how to communicate with their audience and communicate with and on behalf of advertisers.
As of April 2020, the most popular social network, ranked by number of active users, is Facebook, followed by YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Instagram and Tiktok.
Jocial is a Influencer Marketing Platform, Where Influencer influence others about a campaign of any brand's through social media.
Jocial makes a profit by advertising campaign of client and share the profit with Jocial Influencer who promote the campaign successfully.
Yes, of course. We are a registered company from the land down under United Kingdom, London.
Jamie March – is a British internet entrepreneur who started his career in the field of digital media marketing at very early age. more details

You need to register on Jocial Platform by filling up a simple form providing only a few simple details.

To create a new Influencer account, and follow these steps:

  • 1. Click on 'Register Now'.
  • 2. Enter your name, email id and verify it.
  • 3. Enter a referral code.
  • 4. Set up a login password that is 8 digits long with at least one upper case and one lower case alphabetic letter.
  • 5. Set up a 6-digit secure pin.
This the basis new account registration process.
Please ask to your sponsor who informed you about the Jocial platform.
No, there are no registration fees, but to activate your account you have to subscribe our platform as per your choice.
No, only one Influencer account can be added once per social media account to avoid duplicity.
You can make payment via Bitcoin, Payeer and Perfect Money.
After registration, you have to subscribe any plan of your choice first, soon after your account will be activated.
The subscription stands as per your subscription plan (Example: Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly).
Jocial is a web based business model and because of this the moment any influencer activates his/her subscription, several bonuses are generated and paid immediately to other influencers. So, Subscription packages on our platform can't be cancelled and non-refundable.
You can do so by inputting your Influencer ID and login password on the main login page of the Jocial platform app/web.
We have the "forget password" link under the login field, you have to click the link and follow the instructions.

If you have forgotten your login password or secure pin:

  1. Go to the main login page.
  2. Click "forget password".
  3. Enter your Influencer ID & registered email and click on recover password.
You will get your new login password/secure pin in your mailbox.
In Reward wallet you will find the total balance of reward points you have earned from Rewards Program activities. You can convert your Reward Point(Reward Wallet) to Jocial Point(Jocial Walet) and USD(USD Wallet).
In USD wallet you will find the total balance of USD that you have earned form Campaign & affiliate program. You can convert your USD(USD wallet) to Jocial Point(Jocial Wallet) and also you can withdraw your USD fund to your external Bitcoin wallet address.
Jocial wallet represent Jocial point, you can use the fund for purchasing Jocial platform subscription plan only. You can add fund to this wallet with any amount from your external bitcoin wallet address.
Yes, you can transfer funds to another Jocial Wallet. You can also buy a subscription plan for new Influencer using your Jocial wallet funds.
You can involve in our campaign program where you can select any of our campaign including different pricing with fixed amount. You can also earn reward point from promotional activity.
Yes, you may run more than one campaigns simultaneously, but it depends on your subscription plan, type of influencer and our client brand's.
No, it is not compulsion to participate in affiliate program to earn, but it can pace your earning by participate in our affiliate program.