Brand Safety Policy

Jocial Advertise Ltd is fully committed to providing a brand-safe marketplace that advertisers can trust. Jocial is devoted to upholding a high standard of digital brand safety on our campaign delivery run on behalf of the agencies and advertisers we work with. We have a multi-layered approach to make sure the security and quality of our campaign delivery across digital marketing platforms.

All digital advertising campaigns are managed by our in-house ad-trafficking/production team using the newest technology and appropriate vetting techniques.

Ads placed onsite are placed during a high-quality brand safe environment for advertisers with no user generated content or any content non-related with retail, fashion or travel destination.

Ads could also be placed alongside content relevant to Jocial Advertise Ltd on the web site . This content has been vetted by our in-house editorial team and therefore the content is on brand.

Takedown Policy

In the rare scenario that we are alerted to a misplaced ad, once notified by the agency or advertiser, we'll blacklist the location within 24 hours and pause the campaign until the difficulty has been resolved. If we alerted to the location outside of our working hours, the ad are going to be removed the subsequent working day. Jocial will endeavor to completely investigate the explanation for the violation and take any necessary actions to stop the occurrence from happening again.

Self service clients using our Jocial platform are ready to pause the campaign immediately and blacklist the relevant publisher accordingly. additionally , Jocial are going to be contacted to research this issue blacklisting any risky sites at a network level

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